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   ferge                      "Fergus"  

  Hi Everyone, my name is Fergus and I'm one of them older fellas that really doesn't want to act my age. I still feel like I'm only a 4 year old and ready to play and go for walks. I am really about 9 years old maybe 10. No one truly knows because I was homeless and found roaming around and these people brought me to a shelter but no one came to rescue me there so the people at the shelter found me a place where only shelties go and now I am here at my foster home until someone wants me for their very own forever playmate and companion. My foster mom was telling people that I walk really nice on a leash and I love it when someone calls my new name , I come right away when I hear that name. I just love having that name. I would love to have my own family that is home a lot because I have this thing they call separation anxiety and I cry allot when you leave me alone and then I get very nervous and scared so I really don't know what I would do next, but my foster mom leaves me in a nice large crate that is very safe for me and that really helps me out a lot. I love to be hugged and petted and have a lot of attention from my people. I wish I could find someone like that who really cares about me and won't turn me outside again and just leave me to fend for myself, that was so hard for me. There are some nice people and then some not so nice. I guess I've seen both.

I am a neutered boy, whatever that means, but it's always coming up in a conversation when someone asked about me, I also have a heart murmur and I take medication for that and it helps me a lot and you would never know I had a heart murmur.

What would be great is if you had a fenced yard so I could run free in my very own space and play with you and maybe you can show me how to play ball?

Well enough about me , so if you have a place like I mentioned and would love me to be hanging with you most of the time, give my foster mom a message in her email and she can tell you more about me.
Thank you from the bottom of my paws for reading my little story.



Foster Mom , Tracey email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it






My name is Isabella and I'VE BEEN ADOPTED!!!








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